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Built for Strength by Doug Briggs

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 Built for Strength by Doug Briggs

Built for Strength:
A Basic Approach to Weight Training Success for Men & Women by Doug Briggs

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Doug Briggs, Ph.D., is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS,*D, RSCC,*D)  with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a NSCA Fly Solo Mentor. 

A leading expert in his field. Doug has a long history of personal weight training, strength and conditioning coaching and competing internationally.  





Built for Strength Book Reviews

Here is a compilation of reviews of Doug Briggs' latest book entitled, "Built for Strength:  A Basic Approach to Weight Training Success for Men and Women". 

David Gentle, Author & Historian of Physical Culture ""Doug’s book is a rarity, not just fun to read, but very, very, educational without the ’bull shit’…whoops, hype so usual with modern muscle manuals. We were also spared steroid freaks with their ugly vascularity. Such detail, designed to provide the maximum of results without making the usual beginners mistakes, e.g. overtraining.
The book is like having a personal trainer, but far more value, because one can return to it over and over for more information and guidance. The information on diet and nutrition analysis of the various diet fads is worth the price of the book alone. The fascinating quizzes and the sheer genius of the hilarious cartoons really add value to the book. Well done Doug and good luck also to the fine looking gang who helped illustrate the volume." 
David Gentle Internationally acclaimed author and historian of Physical Culture   David Gentle Features Editor of Health and Strength, the oldest continuous bodybuilding magazine in the world, published since 1898. Visit David Gentle’s website at
Carl Miller "Doug Briggs' book, "Built for Strength:  A Basic Approach to Weight Training Success for Men and Women", brings detail into structure.
Previous known entities and all the new ones gathered form his scholarly study and research and his many years of hands-on work are brought together into a wonderful symbiosis.  And all this is very readable - - it is fun to read.
A very personable man, the author brings the reader into "the inside facts." This gives the book a very personable feel.  And there is no nonsense For example, the Nutritional part cuts to the chaff, bringing a seemingly complex subject into practicality for the weight trainee.  It is very hard to bring together all that goes into weight training into something understandable. This is a scientifically proven and empirical nuts and bolts book. Compete in all ways."  
Carl Miller  Owner of Carl & Sandra's Physical Conditioning Center - Santa Fe, New Mexico  Former US National, Olympic, and World Weightlifting Coach  
Leo Robert, Former Mr. Universe  "I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Doug Brigg's latest book entitled, "Built for Strength:  A Basic Approach to Weight Training Success for Men and Women".   It represents one of the most complete and comprehensive weight training handbooks  I've read in recent times.      
Doug masterfully explains the fundamental principles of weight training along with detailed descriptions and images demonstrating exercises for each muscle group.    Readers will be drawn to return to this book regularly to gain further insight and to perfect their technique in the gym.   
The Nutritional section is highly informative and will benefit anyone who picks up a weight or wants to enhance the quality of their life through healthy eating.   Doug's thorough hands-on approach in educating readers along with the perfect degree of light-hearted humour throughout, makes it an enjoyable read.   Doug has literally "raised the bar" in the standard of quality he has set in delivering this wonderful weight training desktop reference.   A definite, THUMBS-UP!!"
Leo Robert Former Mr. Universe-Pro  
Larry Snowden  "Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Doug Briggs, knows that whatever he wrote, is correct. The mad is the guru of fitness. Congratulations Doug! I am certain, all the Fit Bodies Inc people will read and learn from this!" 
Larry Snowden  
Michael Lind  "Awesome book, a must read for all fitness enthusiasts. Great Job Doug!"
Michael Lind  
Cheyenne    "Great concept ! Love the book. You are amazing so much to offer. Your classes have been a piece of both my husband and my own foundation in our health care as well as working with others."
Love & Light Cheyenne   
Warren Pyne, DC   "I just want to add a comment about you and your knowledge and... experience in the field of fitness. I met Doug as my instructor for taking a National Strength and Conditioning Assoc. study course and testing. I studied, trained, ate and hung out with him for almost a week. I have to say he is the real deal with fitness knowledge, motivation, training and practical application. I highly recommend everyone check out his book."      
Warren Pyne, DC